Comayaguela Bank Robbed

Yesterday morning, criminals blasted a hole in the wall of a bank branch in Comayagüela, and took roughly 20,000 lempiras in cash.

In order to succeed with the theft, the robbers were forced to tie up two young parking lot attendants who had been in a lot adjacent to the bank’s office. The thiefs pretended they wanted to rent a space to park a vehicle, but when the attendants came near, they held them at gunpoint and forced them into submission. The criminals left the Comayagüela bank with the money quietly at dawn.

At approximately 5:00 a.m., a boy came to leave newspapers for the bank and noted that something was amiss. He discovered that the back wall of the bank had a hole, and decided to enter it. He then found the two young parking lot attendants face down, with their hands tied behind their backs, on a bed in the banks’ office.

He immediately called the onsite police, who freed the young men and began to piece together the facts.

This is the second time that the bank has been defaced; five months ago the front bars of the bank were cut.

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