Congress Bans Motorcycle Passengers

In closed session, Congress banned via Decree, Honduran citizens’ option to carry a second passenger on a motorcycle, in all cities of Honduras.

The motion, requesting the adoption of the restriction, was presented yesterday by the Minister of Security, Pompeyo Bonilla. The measure, which becomes effective immediately, was adopted after the murders of a former political adviser, Alfredo Landaberde, and journalist, Luz Marina Paz, at the hands of assassins that were transported on a motorcycle.

Both crimes, which occurred in a span of 24 hours, shook the population, who demanded action from the Government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa, to combat the wave of violence plaguing Honduras.

The two people on motorcycle ban was confirmed by Congressperson Erick Rodriguez after the session. The ban will be in effect for six months, “while we seek other alternative solutions to the scenarios that are happening in the country”, he explained. “We know that it will affect a sector of the population, but we must take action,” he added.

The national police and the armed forces of Honduras will be responsible for verifying compliance with the measure.

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