Congress Becomes Technically Savvy

National Congress President, Juan Orlando Hernandez, announced that tomorrow,Tuesday, the first test for audio and video broadcasting of what is happening in Congress will take place.

If all goes well, the proceedings should be able to be observed in real-time online, allowing the press and everyone else access to the National Congress session from anywhere in the world. Those interested in monitoring the Honduran legislative session on the web, can visit the portal of the National Congress at:

A future goal for this Legislature is to implement the use of electronic voting to ensure transparency when parliamentarians come to a vote. It will be public knowledge which parliamentarians vote for, against or abstain on any matter. The project is feasible to implement. The technology is already installed, it would just be a matter of reforming the rules.

Electronic boards are currently located in a conspicuous place where the deputies and the public attending the discussions can observe the results. The system is connected to each seat occupied by a representative. From the seat, a congressman can manuver three switches for various purposes such as to access the laws passed, and those under discussion.

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