Congress President Visits Hospital

The Congress President, Juan Orlando Hernandez, visited the Regional Hospital in the port city of San Lorenzo, to find out the pressing needs of this important hospital in Southern Honduras.

One of the great problems for this medical center, is its location. The hospital is adjacent to an oxidation pond that generates pollution; and citizens, patients and employees are increasingly exposed to and acquire many diseases from it.

To solve the problem, Hernandez Alvarado announced that by June 4th, the hospital will receive the first disbursement toward solving the troubles caused by the lagoon. This is in thanks to a partnership effort between the deputies of Valle and Choluteca, the foundation that supports the Regional Hospital, and the president of the Health Commission, Mauricio Oliva.

Another urgent issue for the hospital has been the need for more staff. Hernandez announced that they will hire more medical staff and nursing services, and that arrangements for this have already been made with the Secretary of State for Health, Arturo Bendana.

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