Congressman Mark Goldstein Dies in Crash

San Pedro Sula Congressman, Mark Goldstein and his fiancee, Margie Gonzalez, died in an airplane crash this afternoon. The small aircraft carried the pilot, Luis Lopez, Mr. Goldstein, and his companion There were no survivors.

Mr. Goldstein had just been sworn in as a diputado and attended a special tribute in Congress for his father, Gilberto Goldstein. His father was being honored for his years of service, and said his son was a younger version of himself.

Mark and Margie were returning to San Pedro Sula following the events, when the airplane experienced mechanical problems immediately after takeoff. The pilot turned the aircraft around to return to Toncontin when the plane went into a freefall, and then nose-dived into a spiral, and hit the ground, exploding into flames.

Rescuer workers arrived upon the scene immediately, but all on board had burned in the explosion.

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