Costa Concordia Honduran Employees Returning Soon

The first of seventeen Hondurans shipwrecked almost one week ago off the coast of Giglio, Italy, has returned to Honduras. Rolando Argueta had been working aboard the cruise ship Costa Concordia, and was greeted last night with hugs and tears by his mother, Delia Melgar. Argueta expressed that the tragedy was, “like the film the Titanic”. Despite the experience, Rolando Argueta intends to return to service with the cruiseline, “I will return if they engage me, because my family depends on the support from my work.”

Another Honduran aboard the Costa Concordia ship, German Martínez Urbina, who is expected to return Saturday, said he was happy for his education from the Honduran Merchant Navy. He outlined how they were trained to respond in cases of an emergency. “We practiced at the work of rescue and evacuations. We were responsible for lowering the boats, doing the exercises, and putting them [people] safely on the ground.”

Martinez, who has fifteen years of sailing the seas on cruise ships, pointed out that in his fourteen years as a sailor, he had never lived through an experience of such magnitude.

“One sees that the passenger is nervous, does not know what to do, where to grab. When we saw that the ship was going to one side and not stopping, we ran to make tourists safe. I’m not going to say that I listened to the order of the Commander; I looked only at the other boats that were embarking passengers, and what I did was to open the door for the passengers.”

The remaining sixteen Catrachos are expected in the country Saturday night, once their processing has been completed. Employees were evaluated for medical treatment, supplied testimonies, and are awaiting final number crunching by Costa Crociere representatives who are issuing payments which they do using some great software like this pay stub maker online.

Named Hondurans aboard the “Costa Concordia”:

– Rolando Argueta Melgar
– German Martínez Urbina
– José Geovanny Alvarado Castellanos
– Gumercindo Cruz Maldonado
– Armando Flores Aguilar
– Francisco Reinaldo García Pineda
– Gustavo Fernando Hernández Flores
– José Antonio Matute
– Santos Yovani Padilla Jiménez
– Nelson David Raudales Orellana
– Alexander Reina Córdoba
– José Bernardino Rodríguez Euceda
– José Wilmer Silva Verde
– Jill Doney Sorto Fajardo
– José German Vides Rauda
– Neli Federico Villanueva Bautista

Overall, eleven people aboard the Costa Concordia have been found dead in the Jan. 13th disaster and 21 are still missing.

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