CSJ Turns Down Presidential Pardon Request

comayagua prisoner shorty bonillaThe Honduran Supreme Court of Justice announced today that the criminal “Shorty”, who has recently been hailed as a hero of sorts by the general public, was turned down for a Presidential Pardon.

President Pepe Lobo was moved to request the pardon of Marco “Shorty” Antonio Bonilla, a prisoner of the Comayagua Penal Institute, when he saved the lives of hundreds of prisoners on February 14th of this year, during the largest prison fire in Honduras’ history.

A Supreme Court spokesperson explained they had to turn down the President’s request because the Honduran penal code does not allow pardons for prisoners convicted of serious crimes. Bonilla was convicted of murder in 1997 and again in 2006, and was found guilty of a burglary charge in 2006 as well. Shorty has been serving his prison time in the infirmary, as an assistant to the prison’s doctor.

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