Day of the Virgin of Suyapa

Thousands of faithful Hondurans will be traveling to the shrine of the Virgin of Suyapa today to honor “La Morenita”. The House of the Virgin of Suyapa is already overflowing with visitors waiting to kneel before her altar.

The main road, which leads from the entrance to the Sanctuary to the Village of Suyapa is closed to cars, so that traffic can be directed to facilitate the people visiting.
The National Traffic Directorate (DNT) and National Police have had 300 troops engaged to protect the people and property of the faithful, as well as the merchants.

“We are working very hard in the area; there are more than 300 officials, 150 traffic policemen and 150 preventive agents. We will try to provide the best road safety for parishioners,” said Napoleon Nazar, head of the DNT.

Also helping with protection of the people are members of the Armed Forces of Honduras, which has put security in the hands of the First and Second Infantry Battalion and the First Artillery Battalion.

Since there is no vehicular access to the temples, parking has been arranged nearby, such as the National Autonomous University of Honduras, the National Engineering Coliseum and near the Suyapa cemetery.

For those thousands visiting the image of the Virgin, about 50 Suyapa Sanctuary Catholics are volunteering to point the way to visitors. They will be serving the community as guides until February 5th, the days when there is the greatest influx of visitors, according to Carlos Ramirez, the coordinator of the group.

The story of Our Lady of Suyapa dates back to 1747, when she was found one clear evening by a peasant, Alejandro Colindres. He and his friend, Lorenzo read more

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