DEI Launches DET LIVE – Filing Honduras Taxes Online

The Honduras Executive Directorate of Revenue (DEI – Dirección Ejecutiva de Ingresos) has launched a new project named DET LIVE, where Hondurans will now be able to access tax services online.

The idea of filing taxes via the internet began as a way to allow easier access to the DEI, as well as provide Hondurans with the opportunity for efficient interaction with tax authorities.DET LIVE LAUNCHED IN HONDURAS

The authorities of the DEI announced there will be automatic updates and ample storage modules for the accredited tax services online. The hope for DET LIVE is that it will speed up the filing for citizens of their Honduras taxes.

DET-LIVE utilizes technological developments and applications to meet the needs of current taxpayers by allowing an efficient interaction with the tax authorities using an Internet connection, to strengthen the capacity of monitoring and voluntary compliance with the tax obligations.

Miriam Guzmán and Marcia López answer questions about DET LIVE

Miriam Guzmán and Marcia López answer questions about DET LIVE

According to the new head of the DEI, Miriam Guzmán, “This is a new system in which we seek to better serve the public … since it will facilitate the statements of all taxes.”

She noted that DET LIVE is an easy software download that works without major requirements for the taxpayer, providing interactivity and ease of filling, using only an Internet connection.

To make use of the DET LIVE system, persons must authenticate through accreditation by the form DEI-412. Taxpayers can use the DET system by indicating the number located on the back of the their RTN card.

Marcia López, of the Honduras DEI

Compliance Director Marcia López of the DEI

Compliance Director, Marcia López, added,”the creation of the system is due to the fact that the Revenue Office is an institution that has always been at the forefront of providing the best care and service to citizens” and “we have been pioneers in the successful implementation of a number of technological tools”.

The Compliance Director indicated that in terms of tax collection, the DEI has had an excellent performance record, earning 84 percent annually in revenues that the government uses for its social works.

“We are pleased to share with you one of the main projects of the DEI, the same of which will ensure effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and fair treatment for all, without exception”, Lopez proclaimed.

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