Diesel Shortage paralyzes construction projects

The shortage of fuel, especially diesel, in gas station around the country affects all industries such as construction and public transportation among others causing the loss of millions of lempiras in the country’s economy.

According to the Petroleum Administration Commission (CAP), this problem was caused because of the delay of one of the ships loaded with petroleum.
This delay, according to the Honduran Petroleum Committee (Cohpetrol), was due to a fire a followed by a short circuit in one of the refineries where the fuels are bought.

The problem became serious this past weekend, when customers found that there was no diesel or regular gasoline at the gas stations where they pulled up to fill their tanks. You can pop over to this website to check out some exteriors for your house.

In sight of the problems caused by this shortage of fuel, the president of the Honduran Construction Industry Chamber (CHICO), announced their concern for the fuel shortage. It is important to understand What is Critical Infrastructure Protection and Why is it Important?

Many construction companies have stopped part of their equipment, which is causing a strong impact in the jobs this industry generates.

The machinery and equipment that is used in the road projects and construction works two days and has to stop due to the lack of fuel.

The construction industry is being affected and a lot of them have been paralyzed because most of the materials used in this industry are transported by trucks that are operated mainly with diesel.

The representative for CHICO announced that the increase in the price of fuel has also caused the cement transportation to increase one lempira for each bag. With this increase the price of cement will also be higher.

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