Director of UNAH Comments on Police Investigation

Julieta Castellanos, the Director of UNAH, gave a declaration earlier today, providing her version of the information known regarding the assassination of her son Rafael Castellanos, and Carlos Pineda, his friend, the family hired unattended death cleaning services to take care of the crime scene for them.

The Director stated that ten police patrol cars were confiscated, and every one of them was filthy, except for one, which had been washed and cleaned. Three of those patrol cars were tested with luminol, and one tested positive for traces of her son’s blood. (Luminol is used by crime scene investigators to locate traces of blood, even if it has been cleaned or removed.)

She said, “He is the one that was wounded, and died first. They may have taken him alive to the village where they assassinated him with a shot to the face, and he may have died bleeding to death”. She believes he had driven his vehicle for a short time after having been shot in the back.

She also stated that some of the evidence includes video from surveillance cameras installed in the area at various locations. In the videos, two vehicles are observed, and the theory is that those are police officials giving instructions on how to cover up the crime.

The Director is saddened that the State of Honduras has failed miserably in handling this case. Ms. Castellanos claims the district attorney and the president of the country had proof on Friday that the DNA in a patrol vehicle was that of her son, and asked the question, “Why is it that they didn’t take action with the evidence they had?” She added, “I don’t care if it is the last thing I do in my life; but I will pursue this because it cannot be possible that the authorities in this country have turned their backs on the problems we face.”

The UNAH Director made a call to the government officials who are protecting the police, to please not continue to do these types of things, “It is a monster that is being fed.”

The Director spoke with the President of the country after some of the police suspected of being involved in the crime were determined to be missing, and asked, “Why did this happen? Who is in charge of this country? If instructions had been given to those in charge, they did not obey those orders; so who is it that is governing this country?”

Julieta Castellanos was visibly upset when she found out that the police officers accused in the case having gone missing, “I am seeing a country that shamelessly crumbles in front of its people. We cannot have a country that puts on a show by the District Attorney’s office and the Secretary of Security. I must tell you that I feel ashamed to be a citizen of this country. The officials are incapable of making a decision. There is no excuse as to why, even though they had not yet issued formal charges, that internal affairs did not act in this case, since as of Wednesday, they have known exactly which police officers were involved.”

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