Eight minutes of rain cause floods

Many areas in Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela as well as street vendors from the different markets where alert yesterday afternoon when the rain started falling; and even though there where no material damages, the rain caused the flooding of several streets, electricity poles falling, and collapses of walls in these areas.

A spokesman from Copeco informed there was no presence of a meteorological phenomenon but everyone should take the proper precautions since the rainy season has begun and will continue thru out the rest of the year.

During all day up until 3:00 in the afternoon the sky was sunny but then the rain started to pour. This caused for most of the streets to flood.

Among the most affected areas are colonia Kennedy, where many businesses from the area got flooded as well as some of the main streets.

One of the major damages the heavy rain caused was the collapse of one of the walls from the Instituto Tecnico Honduras (Honduras Technical Institute) due to the water pressure.

The National Meteorological Service of Honduras informed the country is going thru unstable conditions with the weather and for this reason many sectors around the country will have rains.

There is a system of low pressure and this has been the 5th tropical wave entering the country through La Mosquitia, some areas will experience thunderstorms due to the ascend of cloudiness.

The rain seasoned started this past Friday with the presence of tropical store “Alma”.

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