El Salvador and Nicaragua Cancel Presidential Summit in Honduras

The Council of Ministers met in Amapala where President Porfirio Lobo stated that there is no good will in El Salvador or Nicaragua to establish clear rules on management of the maritime area.

The Gulf of Fonseca

The Gulf of Fonseca continues to be a conflict zone between Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador

According to President Lobo, both countries insist on ignoring the rights of Honduras in the sector. He revealed that El Salvador won’t even discuss the handling of the Gulf of Fonseca, and denounced Nicaragua for keeping a gunship in the area to prevent the departure of Honduran vessels to sea.

These revelations were made after hearing the complaints and claims of dozens of fishermen who are daily victims of illegal detentions by naval officers from El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The president lamented the cancellation of a presidential summit that foreign ministers from Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador had scheduled in Amapala to review a report on compliance with the judgment of La Haya in 1992, requested in December 2012.

Honduras asked for UN intervention after documenting at least four incidents in the previous year, when naval ships from Nicaragua and El Salvador tried to block the mobilization of members of the Honduran Navy in the Gulf.

“There was a summit here that the foreign ministers had agreed on.  Then they postponed or canceled it because ultimately, they don’t have the desire that we have; especially our friends of El Salvador, they don’t have that will and I don’t understand why,” said Lobo.

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