ENEE Defends Fuel Adjustment

The manager of the National Electricity Company (ENEE), Roberto Martínez Lozano, said that the increased price of energy in Honduras is not due to a “rate hike” but the application of a fuel adjustment, which is protected by law.

The official reaction is in response to the work stoppage by union members as an act of protest against the increase reflected in subscribers monthly bill. The unionists claim they are seeking to stop the ENEE from imposing a 9% extra charge, which could be as much as 13%.

Martínez Lozano justified that the ENEE “has never talked about rate hikes,” or increased “a penny the price of electricity.” The measure is justified and they are obeying a law passed earlier.

“We made it clear in the government of Manuel Zelaya, and the Congress approved an adjustment for the fuel, which is the law of the Republic, and has ruled us, the Executive Directorate of Revenue (DEI) and everybody,” he said. He said the adjustment did not originate in the ENEE, but in Congress, and only Congress can change it. He explained that this adjustment should be considered; that the fuel “has increased by over 50% in the last two years.”

Among the demands of the union of ENEE is the cancellation of the contract with the Electrical Measurement Service Honduras (SEMEH), to which Martínez Lozano added that this is a decision that only Congress can make. A monthly reading for which the ENEE pays the company is an estimated 30 million Lempiras. The ENEE manager added that the institution is preparing for, as soon as possible, the ability to have their own mechanism for meter reading and billing.

The contract with SEMEH was signed when Ricardo Maduro was President of Honduras (2002-2006), and Porfirio Lobo Sosa was head of the National Congress.

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