ENEE Union Will Participate in Bidding Process

According to President Porfirio Lobo, The Syndicate of Workers of the National Electricity Company (STENEE), will participate in the process to award service metering, billing and collection for electrical service.

The union will be present throughout the bidding and award process
to ensure the transparency of the contract, and because its members are the ones who know the subject, the President said.

A large volume of speculation has been generated about the next company to be hired to replace the Electrical Measurement Services of Honduras (Semeh), who has provided those services for the past 12 years, and whose contract ends in May.

The President of the STENEE, Miguel Aguilar, made mention that the services are not required to be transferred to another private company. He believes that ENEE workers must return to performing those duties, as they have already experienced what Semeh has done, and that is to rob the ENEE of finances and abandon its subscribers. The union leader added that if they were to perform the services for the ENEE, it would equal a savings of 20 million lempiras per month.

The argument of the electrical state workers has been questioned by representatives of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP), who considers that state ENEE “employees do not make the cut to perform the work, and then we have a company of inefficient workers who are ineffective in their work”.

The ENEE has been holding informal discussions with various companies interested in fulfilling the new contract, including some Israeli, Spanish, and Colombian firms, according to ENEE manager, Roberto Martínez .

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