Executions Outside San Pedro Sula Airport

A congested time of day at the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport became even more chaotic yesterday evening when stray bullets from a nearby execution entered the passenger terminal.

The airport was full of passengers and relatives there to receive or to leave their loved ones. According to witness accounts, people ducked down and attempted to run to safety from the shots that were scattered throughout various parts of the airport terminal. Persons in vehicles entering and leaving the airport had no respite from the fear of being shot, as traffic was heavy.

The airport terminal was not the site of the multiple executions, but the ammunition used was so strong, that the bullets travelled a considerable distance. The shocking incident occurred at the toll booths of the exit lane outside the San Pedro Sula airport terminal.

According to the police report, between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m.,
several armed men were waiting for their victims, all men, who had just left the terminal, allegedly to meet someone who arrived on a flight from Miami that landed at 5:30 p.m.

Eduardo Vargas, deputy police spokesman, said the crime was planned to the detail. The murderers aligned their vehicles cross-wise to cut off their victims.

“These people blocked the exit of the deceased’s vehicles. When the targets were about 10 meters away, the criminals got out and went down to the cars to kill the occupants.”

Witnesses stated that, before killing the six men, the gunmen identified themselves as agents of the DNIC, and after shooting the victims, acquired the documentation to verify that they were their targets. The cars were filled with bullets, and the gunmen fled in the three vehicles that had previously been used to cut off their victims.

“It was well planned. We believe it is the modus operandi of organized crime,” said the police spokesman.

Six men were executed, and three people wounded. The wounded were brought to a hospital in La Lima by police.

At the entrance of the airport there are two surveillance cameras, but it is unknown at this time whether they were in good condition, and recorded the incident. At the crime scene, 53 high-caliber bullet holes were counted. Before the bodies of the victims were transported, one of the deceased’s cell phone rang several times; it was noted that his ringtone was the sound of machine guns.

Two of the victims names have not been released, as they were not carrying identification. The other victims were Ram&oactue;n Yubini Murillo Lara, 23, from La Ceiba, Carlos Roberto Hernández Montoya, 32, René Fernando Mejía Toledo and Anthony Nahún Martínez, 25. A woman traveling with the deceased was injured, (her name is being withheld by Honduras News out of concern for her safety); she was also from La Ceiba.

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  1. La Gringa  October 16, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Honduras News alerted me yesterday about the “unusual activity” in the comments. The comment below is from an impostor. Honduras News deleted the previous rude comments and hopefully will delete this one. His or her sentiments are not anything that I believe as readers of my blog know. Enough said!

  2. Jennifer  October 15, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Is one of the victims, Roberto Carlos Hernández Montoya of La Ceiba,
    the same person named in this previous article about the killing of the La Ceiba journalist?


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