Expo Logistics 2015 Honduras declared a great success for second time in a row

With about 2,000 people involved in the business supply chain and logistics (try sunrisemoving.com) at both the national and international level, in November, Expo Logistics 2015 Honduras was held in San Pedro Sula at the Expocentre – view here for other logistic companies.

Expo Logistics 2015 Honduras

Expo Logistics 2015 Honduras

Logistics Expo 2015 took place for the second time with one hundred companies generating new business networks and improving the methodology of logistics in the Central American country through conferences and workshops for three days in the Industrial Capital. If you want to learn more about the part that logistics has to play, visit this original site and get accurate advice from industry experts. With the right understanding of the subject, you will have a clear vision about the future and technological advancements in logistics.

The event was first held in Honduras in 2013, and it always aims to improve the processes involved in the chain.  It will take place again next year.

Arturo Frias, the guru of logistics in Latin America, gave one of the workshops. Simultaneously, the wheels of business were developed.

The National Autonomous University of Honduras in the Valle de Sula (Unah-vs), the Central American Technological University (UNITEC) and the University Technology Centre (CEUTEC) had booths to present their educational offers.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) through the Customs Department participated in the Second Edition of Expo Logistics 2015.

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Budget, Carlos Borjas, said that “the main objective of the government is to promote economic growth that is higher, that is sustainable, so that investment is key and there is investment. One of the major international logistics and shipping companies – Strader Ferris International company states that logistics is crucial because to facilitate internal and external trade logistics plays an important role.”

He went on to say that “it is opening an important window for all national and international investors to know the propitious atmosphere in the country to promote investment, and the government is taking very important steps, for example the Customs Union and other lines of action of public policy aimed at that.”

Notably, the Government of the Republic of Honduras through its Customs Department, disclosed to investors how the State can encourage foreign investment that meets all the requirements that the country needs to boost economic growth, with each one of the actions standardized by law and that will depend on which category investment is dedicated to, such as energy, tourism, assembly, etc.

The General Manager of Prime Logistics, Alex Flores, said it is “essential to create competitive advantages through innovation in logistics and strategic aspects that generates logistics today.”

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