Fake Nurse Kills Patient in San Pedro Hospital

Gabriel Castro, 17, died as police and family looked on, as an imposter nurse injected his I.V. with a deadly solution.

Castro was brought to Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula on Saturday, April 17th. He had gunshot wounds, the result of an assault, and was promptly admitted.

Castro was recuperating in his hospital bed Thursday night, with police viligently standing by, and accompanied by family members.

After taking the blood pressure of two other patients in the unit, a woman dressed as a nurse arrived at Castro’s bed, and asked those around it to move aside because it was Castro’s “time to have his medicine.” The fake nurse then injected the contents of two syringes into the IV drip of saline solution which Castro was receiving, while the parents and police looked on, unaware a murderer was standing before them.

Almost immediately the youth had an abnormal reaction, according to witnesses, relatives and police who were there. Castro’s father immediately reported his concern to the woman, who answered that she would have to report the reaction to the “specialist”. The “nurse” left quickly, but never returned.

Shortly afterwards Castro died; the cause of death is not yet known.

Victor Hernandez, the director of the hospital, said they were “surprised” that the intruder was able to impersonate a nurse so easily, and that an investigation is going to be made to determine exactly what was in the injections she gave the patient.

Director Hernandez also stated that from now on personnel will be under stricter control, and that all employees will be required to carry their ID cards.

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