Fast Voice Traffic to Honduras

US National Telecom, through its wholesale subsidiary, is now offering quality voice traffic routes to El Salvador and Honduras. This month, USNT’s subsidiary anticipates $50,000 international traffic increase over January’s gross revenue.

Gregory Giagnocavo, US National Telecom president said in a statement that establishing direct-connect routes is the key for growth for a smaller telecom company such as USNT’s family of companies. The company anticipates an ever-increasing number of telephone calls to Central America.

Giagnocavo observed that the Hispanic community makes more than 100 million minutes of phone calls a month and the market is growing at over 10 percent per year.

USNT explains that they are a rapidly growing family of New Generation telecom companies and VoIP reseller program companies using VoIP. This technology enables the Company’s network to receive an incoming call and direct it to a local Internet/telco POP (point of presence). From this point the call is transported over the Internet to a local POP, and then travels the remaining distance over the Honduran telephone system to the final intended destination.

US National Telecom’s subsidiary envisions that its position as a wholesale carrier solutions provider will grow, as it seeks to increase its share of international voice traffic.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, US National Telecom (USNT) is a publicly traded technology company. They focus on building a large VoIP and Internet services company by expanding to process international voice traffic and acquiring companies in the VoIP services and technology marketplace.

By Anuradha Shukla
TMCnet Contributing Editor

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