FHIS In Need of 240 Million Lempiras

The Director of FHIS, Edgar Martínez, pointed out that the Honduran Social Investment (FHIS) Fund still has no financing for projects that have already been planned, and assured that the amount required for this year is 240 million lempiras.

Ambassadors, representatives of international agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as representatives of the National Congress participated in a presentation of the portfolio of projects that FHIS expects to execute this year. The presentation was made to international aid workers and officials who manage the resources they need to develop the many projects for housing, education, electrification, sanitation and drinking water.

One participant, presidential designee and Minister of the Presidency, María Antonieta Guillén, said that, “the most important responsibility is that of the communities in their development priorities. I believe that we must break paradigms where everything is centralized on the function of the Government”.

“The best decisions and those that have greater sustainability over time, are those ideas and those approaches arising from the community, because they directly address the needs of the people,” Guillén said.

The official expressed appreciation for the work of the National Congress (CN) and was of the view that there must be the commitment of staff to “build better development plans”.

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