Float Plane Crash Off Island of Roatan

A retired Canadian pilot who witnessed a float plane crash off the Honduran island of Roatan last week says he helped rescue a couple with a small child out of the water.

Larry Forseth, 63, told CTVNews.ca he was on a parasail boat in the Caribbean Sea not far from shore Wednesday when a small plane crashed nearby. It had taken off for a sightseeing tour with a family on board just moments before.

Forseth, a former Air Canada pilot who runs a boutique hotel in Honduras with his wife Linda, says the boat he was on was the first to arrive on scene.

“I said to the driver of the boat: ‘Quick – let’s get over there,'” Forseth recalled in a phone interview from Honduras on Monday.
Forseth and his cousin, Paul Gullackson, dove into the water and swam toward the wreckage.

The plane was floating upside down, with debris strewn around. Four bodies were bobbing in the sea.

The father was holding his young son’s head above the water and the pilot was hanging onto the mother, who appeared to be unconscious, Forseth said.

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