House Arrest Confirmed for Ex-Minister

The first court of appeals of the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras ruled Wednesday by a majority of votes, to confirm house arrest for Enrique Flores Lanza.

The former Minister of the Presidency in the government of Manuel Zelaya Rosales, paid a deposit of 13 million lempiras as bail under judge Claudio Aguilar on June 15th. This is in relation to an accusation from the public prosecutor that Flores Lanza is responsible for diverting 27 million lempiras from a bank account of the Presidential Palace.

However, a guarantee of 14 million lempiras is still due for the case wherein 30 million lempiras were extracted from the Honduran Social Investment Fund (FHIS), for which Enrique Flores Lanza is also accused.

Enrique Flores Lanza was given house arrest and a bail in the amount of 27 million lempiras, otherwise, he would be sent to the national penitentiary. After a month of his confinement, the accused said that he felt like a “political prisoner”.

During a press conference at his home, the defendant pointed out that the decision was breaking the agreement of Cartagena, signed by Manuel Zelaya Rosales and the current President of the Republic of Honduras himself, Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

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