Former DNIC and National Police Directors Present

The former director of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC), Marco Tulio Palma, presented his statement today before the Human Rights Prosecutor’s Office, in relation to the deaths of the two young university students murdered on October 22nd.

When questioned about his remarks, Marco Tulio Palma indicated that, “I am not in the condition to talk, because everything is in the process of investigation, and the prosecution authorities will be the ones who will comment on the case.”

The former Director of the National Police, José Luis Muñoz, also arrived at the Public Ministry (MP) to give his statement on the case involving the killing of the university students.

The new director of the National Police, José Ricardo Ramírez presented to the MP on Monday.

The prosecutor for human rights violations requested five officers of the National Police to present in order to provide declarations in relation to the escape of those involved in the death of the two young men.

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