Former Military Commanders Exonerated

The Supreme Court of Honduras has acquited the military commanders involved in ushering former President Manuel Zelaya Rosales out of the country on June 28, 2009.

In a twelve – three vote, the Judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, (CSJ), confirmed the definitive dismissal of the case against the six former military commanders. The men were indicted on January 5, 2010, and today released from all responsibility. They are: The former Chief of the Armed Forces, Romeo Vásquez Velásquez; former Deputy Chief of the Joint Chiefs, Venancio Cervantes; the former Commander of the Army, Miguel Ángel García Padget; the former Commander of the Honduran Air Force, Luis Javier Prince Suazo; the former Commander of the Naval Force, Juan Pablo Rodríguez and the former Inspector of the Armed Forces, Carlos Cuéllar García.

The Prosecutor General, Luis Rubí, had accused the then board of commanders of abuse of authority. The penalty for this offense is between 4 and 6 years in prison.

Ex-president Zelaya believes the ruling was unjust, and issued the statement, “Hondurans knew that the judgement was going to go their way, but it is disturbing that they protected those behind the coup.” “I don’t want revenge because I forgive them and wish them the best of luck”.

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