Fuel Energy Saving Measures for Honduras

Honduras Saves on FuelThe Cabinet today approved measures to save fuel and energy, hoping to reduce the projected 2,310 billion dollar oil bill this year.

The measurements were devised by a commission of organizations and representatives of public and private entities, who yesterday met with President Porfirio Lobo to discuss the proposals which they believe will reduce usage by 15 percent. The President called the meeting yesterday to nail down specifics. The commission had outlined general plans for reduction, but yesterday afternoon and evening they worked on a solid document to offer today for approval by the Council of Ministers.

The President wanted the provisions to involve not only the government, but society as well, on issues such as entry and exit times of public employees, circulation of urban transport (taxis and buses), and trucks idling during loading and unloading of materials and products. The president was open to discussing the proposal of the “Ley de los 60 Grados” (Law of 60 Degrees), implementation of “Do Not Drive Today”, and measures such as requiring businesses and government institutions to turn off lights and unplug electrical appliances at night and during public holidays, and/or prohibit air conditioning and energy-intensive appliances from running 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

General fuel savings include road management, such as the use of specific road lanes for buses and taxis. Regular vehicles utilize the left lanes, and the right are for loading buses, taxis, and cars letting off passengers. Pouring gasoline in the morning or night, and keeping tanks above half-full save on fuel, in addition to maintaining speed at 60 km/hour.

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