Give Truth a Chance in Honduras

The Honduran truth and reconciliation commission began its work this month. Its goal, as per the re-negotiated San Jose Agreement that in part brought an end to the Honduran political standoff of 2009, is to investigate the acts before and after the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya on 28 June, and provide an objective, accurate, and exhaustive accounting of them.

This begins amid a spate of violence and human rights concerns, stewing resentment over the controversial political transition in January, and growing public skepticism from both sides on the ability of the commission – which some critics have pronounced “born dead” – to identify truth or foment reconciliation.

Still, there is reason to be hopeful that this commission can do some good.

First, it will bring some measure of finality to 2009’s chaotic series of negotiations – not for everyone, to be sure. But the truth commission is the final piece in what actors from both sides, including Zelaya, agreed was a solid San Jose agreement on paper at the time of its brokering. That agreement also included amnesty for all involved, and the holding of a general election, both of which have taken place…continue news article here.

One Response to "Give Truth a Chance in Honduras"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  May 25, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    There is only one truth to be found and it is as follows:

    In his hunger for power Mr. Manuel “Mel” Zelaya was willing and ready to sell Honduras to Mr. Chavez.

    He published a presidential decree in ‘La Gazeta’ that would have empowered him to use the results of the June 28 Poll as if it manifested the results of the 4th. ballot box/poll to be had in Novemnber, this would have allowed him to implement a call to form a Constution creating/changing committe in order to change the Honduran Constitution.

    He was a thief of money and votes, he insulted the Country that saw him be born.

    He is a traitor and a lier.

    That is the truth about Zelaya.

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