Government Begins Talks with Teachers

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, and the Minister of the Presidency and Presidential Designee, María Antonieta Guillén, announced that a dialogue with the teachers’ leadership officially resumed on Wednesday at the Presidential Palace. The talks will be held today in four round-table discussions that both sides agreed to establish in order to find a solution to the conflict in the country’s public education sector.

In this regard, Deputy Minister of Education, Sandra Maribel Sánchez, said that they will talk of the various issues raised by the union leaders beginning on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. She explained that each table will discuss topics of interest to the State and the teachers union leaders, and in turn, the progress will be presented at a meeting to be held in the afternoon at the headquarters of the President, with the participation of President Lobo Sosa and the head of the National Congress, Juan Orlando Hernández. She also emphasized that “they are completely open on both sides, wanting a quality education for the benefit of the children and youth in Honduras.”

The president of the First Magisterial College of Honduras [Primer Colegio Magisterial de Honduras (PRICMAH)], Orlando Mejía, said they will be working within the four round-tables to provide proposals for possible solutions for each topic dealt with by the committees. Mejía also said that they will soon release the names of the representatives of each area, and that the mission will discuss four points of interest of the Government and the teachers.

Also included in the round-table will be: the Vice President of the National Congress, Lena Gutiérrez; the congresspeople Daniel Flores, Renán Inestroza, Edgardo Martínez, Claudio Perdomo; the Ministers, Alejandro Ventura (of Education), Planning and External Cooperation, Arturo Corrales, and Human Rights and Justice, Ana Pineda; as well as the representatives of the teachers’ associations of COPRUMH, COLPEDAGOGOSH, COLPROSUMAH, PRICMAH, SINPRODOH and COPEMH.

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