Government Introduces Comprehensive Citizen Security

Today the government of Honduras officially introduced the Integrated Policy for Citizen Security for 2011-2022, which it believes will strengthen State security and justice in an effort to prevent, control, and punish offensive conduct in violation of the law.

The Policy for 2011-2022 is the result of combined efforts by the Ministry of Security and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), who provided technical and financial support for the plan.

Leading the introductory ceremony was the Minister of the Presidency, María Antonieta Guillén, with presentations from the Security Minister Óscar Álvarez and Vice Ministers of Industry, Armando Calidonio and Roberto Romero Luna.

In attendance were Judge Silvia Santos, representing the Supreme Court (Corte Suprema de Justicia – CSJ); Congressman Ricardo Díaz, representing the National Congress; the Attorney General, Roy Urtecho; as well as the resident representative of the UNDP, José Eguren; the United Nations consultant, Hugo Acero (who served as Secretary of Security in Colombia for nine years); and representatives of the diplomatic corps, and civil society organizations.

Minister Guillén said that the issue of security has been a major goal of President Porfirio Lobo Sosa throughout his political career, and that he believes that security lies in the freedom of the individual.

The official said that the country can not keep acting the same in the fight against crime and violence, but must have a greater involvement and commitment from all Hondurans to support the new policy in order to prevent, control and punish crime. She added that the rate of violent deaths in the country forced the government to take action, and again stressed the importance of participation from all sectors of society in order to reduce insecurity and violence, which the Honduran population longs for.

Security Minister Óscar Álvarez emphasized that the problem of insecurity is the biggest problem in the country, because without security there is no investment, employment generation, nor production of wealth. He said the judiciary must act with speed and force, and the Public Prosecutor must be enabled to prosecute cases. Also, the National Police must adapt to the times, and the political parties, mayors, and the private sector should also join the efforts.

The Security Minister explained that the new Policy seeks to frame the State actions within a larger concept than has been the tradition. It is to be used in such a way that combines preventive actions, aimed to address those factors that generate violence and crime, with those aimed at controlling crime and punishment. This Policy is a tool, a proposed “security pact”, through which the Legislative and Judiciary jointly need to adopt the necessary decisions to address the problems of violence and crime being experienced by Honduras.

The Honduran government, he said, is seeking ways to strengthen security, justice and social investment. The Policy objectives are to ensure conditions of security for all residents and visitors to Honduras, to reduce levels of violence and crime, and to improve the life of society; ensuring the welfare and social and economic development of all citizens. This will help solidify the country as a competitive environment for domestic and foreign investment.

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