Green Alert Issued by COPECO

The Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO) declared a green alert for 48 hours for the municipalities bordering the Ulua River, due to the increase of its volume by the rains in the West.

According to COPECO, the Ulua River increased in volume, measuring ​​at the Jicatuyo station, 4.75 meters, the Chinda station, 4.50 metros, and the station at Santiago recorded 3.69 meters.

The municipalities that could be affected by the flooding of the Ulua River are: Potrerillos, Pimienta, Villanueva and San Manuel in the department of Cortés, the same for Santa Rita, El Negrito, and El Progreso in the department of Yoro, and el Ramal del Tigre in the department of Atlántida.

Also, the Permanent Contingency Commission COPECO, said the Honduras’s central and western areas have more saturated soils which could cause landslides.

Residents living in areas at risk for floods and landslides should be aware of the rising rivers, creeks and streams, and abide by the instructions of local and municipal institutions, emergency personnel, and other first responders.

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