Gulf of Fonseca Threatened by Refuse

Environmentalists in the Gulf of Fonseca area are warning about the contamination of the area and threatened loss of the ecosystem.

The Navy reported that of the twenty-nine communities at the shore of the Gulf of Fonseca, only three have waste water treatment projects.

Local authorities of the neighboring municipalities within the Gulf of Fonseca have no awareness of the importance of this account. Left untreated, the Gulf of Fonseca could become another environmental disaster similar to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, or Lake Yojoa in the Honduras department of Santa Bárbara.

This Gulf is 266 kilometers in length, and shared by El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Atop much of this natural jewel, floats or lies the plastic containers from products consumed and discarded on the streets and creeks of Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

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