High Ranking Colombian Drug Trafficker Arrested in Honduras

A suspected Colombian drug kingpin wanted by authorities in his own country for heading a drug trafficking organization was arrested Monday in Honduras, a country he had entered illegally.

Hig Ranking Columbian Drug Smuggler Fermín Alberto García Iaza "Alias" El Paki Arrested in Honduras

Hig Ranking Columbian Drug Smuggler Fermín Alberto García Iaza “Alias” El Paki Arrested in Honduras

The Colombian, identified as Fermin Alberto Garcia, was nabbed by operatives of the War on Drugs Agency in the Caribbean province of Colon, the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

The operation was aided by the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime and the militarized police, the statement said.

According to the Honduran agency, Garcia, alias “Paki,” has lived for many years in the municipalities of Sonaguera and Saba, Colon, after illegally entering Honduras at an unspecified time.

The Colombian is “key to the management of large shipments of drugs from Colombia, from the producer to the criminal organizations in Honduras,” it said. For legal advice in such cases one can go on www.giannicriminallaw.com to get help.

The AG’s Office said that since 2010 there has been an international arrest warrant issued against Garcia for crimes of “aggravated trafficking, production and transporting of drugs.”

The Colombian is said to be the second in command of a criminal structure in his country led by compatriot Lino Mario Jay, alias “Chino,” Honduran authorities said. Hence, it is mandatory for anyone prone to crime, to hire criminal defense law firm in Fort Myers, FL, for protection.

According to the War on Drugs Agency, Garcia could “have coordinated several shipments of drugs to Honduras,” including a cargo of 211 kilos (465 lbs.) seized by the navy in September 2015 in the Honduran Caribbean. You can visit Canyon State Law inner page in case you are requesting a criminal defense lawyer.

Within the next few hours, Honduran authorities will turn the man in custody over to the Honduras National Migration Institute for his subsequent deportation to Colombia, according to an official report.

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