13 Honduran Police commissioners among the many relieved of duty for failing confidence tests

Honduras National Police being ordered to account for their income in the fight against organized crime.

Honduras National Police being ordered to account for their income in the fight against organized crime.

13 Honduras police commissioners will be relieved of their duties after having failed confidence evaluations and tests, the Ministry of Security confirmed Monday. 13 commissioners; 12 sub commissioners; 11 inspectors; 2 sub inspectors; 1 official sub; 1 class II; 5 class I; 9 agents; and 2 border police, among others, were unofficially fired.

The policemen who did not pass control tests will be placed on leave while the process of final separation from the law enforcement institution is under way, confirmed the spokesman of the national police, Hector Ivan Mejia.

The Minister of security, Pompeyo Bonilla, said that, “the law establishes procedures, that those who are not complying with the set parameters, such as the confidence evaluations and performance of duties, will then be relieved of duty”.

Hector Ivan Mejia expanded the information given by the Minister, who expressed that these persons cannot be separated immediately because officials have to follow a procedure, but the officers will be relieved of the current assigned post, and not be assigned any new orders.

Neither the Minister, nor Hector Ivan Mejia reported on Monday the list of police officers who will be available prior to their separation. However, it transcended yesterday from unofficial sources the supposed list of Commissioners and Commissioners being relieved of duty for not having passed the confidence control tests are as follows:

Luis García Méndez.
José Elías Bustillo Carías.
Orlando Mejía Murcia.
José Luis Borjas.
Hugo Leonel Velásquez Aguilera.
Darwin Arturo Durón Reaños.
Andrés Fúnez Espinoza.
José Omar Díaz Rodríguez.
Leonel Alexánder Ramos Andino.
Rolando Ponce Canales.
Juan Francisco Turcios Osorio.
Javier Joaquín Baltodano Lara.
Carlos Valdemar Viana Agurcia.

Sub Commissioners:
Mario Guillermo Mejía Vargas.
Ludwing Criss Zelaya Romero.
Daniel Andrés Merino Castro.
Nelson Edgardo Osorio Muñoz.
Mario Rolando Carranza Cortés.
Hugo Rafael Alvarado Escobar.
Juan Leonardo Romero García.
Gerson Levi Torres Barahona.
Bayron Francisco Martínez Cruz.
Juan Francisco Sosa.
Nery Rolando Ordóñez Flores.
Nancy Yessenia Cano Reyes.

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