Honduran Ambassador Talks of Taekwondo

Honduran Ambassador to Korea Michel Idiaquez Baradat has been making efforts for the promotion of taekwondo in Latin America as well as his country. The following is the interview with the ambassador.

Q: When did you start practicing taekwondo and why?

A: I started practicing taekwondo in 1978 when I was 10 years old. I am now a 2nd Dan Kukkiwon black belt. I was very influenced by the teachings of the late Grandmaster Song Bong-kyung of Korea, the founder of taekwondo in Honduras. Grandmaster Song, my father-in-law, arrived in Honduras in 1975 and started disseminating taekwondo by teaching the military and police. He was a 9th Dan Kukkiwon black belt holder and loved by the Honduran people. I married his daughter, Evette Song Kang, a 4th Dan Kukkiwon black belt holder, in 2002. My two boys, one five and the other 8 months, know how to kick.

Continue the Korea Times interview here.

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