Honduran Bajo Aguan Lawyer Shot

Honduran Lawyer Antonio Trejo

Honduran Bajo Aguan Lawyer Antonio Trejo was shot while attending a wedding in Tegucigalpa.

Honduran Human Rights Lawyer representing the “Campesinos” (farmers) of the Bajo Aguan land conflict; Antonio Trejo was shot dead by unknown gunmen after walking outside a church to answer a phone call while attending a wedding in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras.

The Bajo Aguan conflict between the “Campesinos” and powerful Business Mogul Miguel Facussé over the African Palm plantations used for Bio fuel production has been an ongoing conflict which has resulted in many deaths

A statement by the leader of the “Campesinos” movement of the Valley of Bajo Aguan, stated that he was shot five times and was taken to a nearby hospital but died shortly thereafter.

Antonio Trejo was also a outspoken critic of the government project to build privately run cities in Honduras, with their own police and tax system. A few hours before being killed, Attorney Antonio Trejo participated in a televised debate in which he accused politicians of using this sort of project to raise campaign funds and popularity.

Police are at the scene and the investigation is under way.

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