Honduran Growers Face Difficult Times

At the border with Guatemala, Honduran growers threw away hundreds of onions. Overproduction is causing a huge damage for producers at the regions of La Labor, Sensenti and Ocotepeque

“We are throwing away onions; we can’t find markets for them. If onions from Guatemala continue being imported, it is going to kill our production (…) government has to support us”, declared Luis Bú, grower at Ocotepeque.

According to growers, access of onions from Guatemala has been the main cause of oversupply in Honduras. The Minister of Agriculture, Héctor Hernández, declared that the access of Guatemalan onions was closed a month ago and there are activities to support growers putting its production into supermarkets. Market access restrictions should be temporary since they could be demanded before the WTO due to restrictions to free market. Growers have to be more efficient in the transport to supermarkets where it seems to be the bottle neck of the situation, declared the Minister.

Author: Jahir Lombana

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