Honduran Police Officers Accused of Crimes

At the request of the Office of Human Rights, three officers of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC) were arrested after illegally detaining two people, beating them, and stealing their belongings.

The officers are members of the Rapid Response Unit and were identified by the Public Ministry spokesman, Elvis Guzman, as Denis Banegas, Rony Lance and Carlos Escobar. “They are to be charged for theft, abuse of authority, and illegal detention,” said Guzman. Allegedly, the three officers arrived at the bus station, and arrested two people instead of taking them to the police station, despite objections. The arrested were led to the cane fields, where they were beaten, tortured, and stripped their personal belongings, according to Guzman.

Moreover, the agents threatened the victims, telling them that if they reported the incident, they would be done wrong.

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