Hondurans Experience Long Lines at the RNP

The Honduras National Registry of Persons (RNP – Registro Nacional de las Personas) has been experiencing huge lines as those who have failed to do so in the past, are now arriving to claim their identity cards only a few days before the Honduras General Election 2013.

From the early morning hours, people have started waiting in line at the building on Central Boulevard in Tegucigalpa. They won’t even be swayed by weather, as these people are determined to obtain their identity card, which is a requirement for Hondurans to cast their votes on Sunday.

Long Lines at the Honduras RNP

Hondurans are waiting in lines to receive their identity cards in order to vote in Sunday’s election.

One citizen, Olivia María Arteaga, said that from six o’clock in the morning she had been at the RNP in hopes of being handed her card, but it was 2:00 pm and she still had not reached the windows for service. Arteaga was willing to wait until nightfall, because she was, thankfully, granted the time away from work to obtain her identity card.

Arteaga added that she had for several weeks requested her identification card for a ballot, but to date it had not been delivered. She stated she was told by the RNP managers that first they were distributed through the mobile units in the various departments.

Another Honduran citizen, Juan Francisco Carrasco, a resident of the El Bosque neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, lamented that so many trips were required to be handed his card, “I have come several times so they could deliver it to me, but I always hear that it is pending because first the cards are sent the to the mobile registries”.

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