‘Honduras Activate’ Promotes Action

Honduras Activate

“Honduras Actívate” is in its 5th year, transforming the lifestyles of thousands of Hondureños. Walk, run, or cycle to the event this coming Sunday, June 14, 2015.  It begins at 7:00 a.m. and is most definitely THE thing to do this weekend!  If you haven’t signed up already, you can fill out an application on their Facebook page. (Entrants are also accepted on the day of the event.)

This year Honduras Activate is being held at two locations, hoping to spread the opportunity for participation. There will be one at Lancetilla Botanical Garden, and one at Centro Experimental in Tela.

Participation is encouraged on all levels.  Walking, running or cycling, it seems there is something for everyone to do to get active. The cycling competitions consist of either 6k worth of fun trails to take, or an 18k category for the professional level competitors, with separate contests for the males and females.
Honduras Activate Initiative

There will a winner for each category at the culmination of this sporting event, thanks to the generosity of so many sponsors. Last year, prizes awarded included bicycles, sports equipment, MP3 audio systems, cameras, and hotel stays in different regions.

Honduras Activate Endorsed by President

Honduras Activate has been endorsed by the President.

“Honduras Activate” is a presidential initiative that was approved by the Council of Ministers in order to promote sports and national tourism.  The President of Honduras each year has supported the annual program, and even participated himself last year. 

According to President Orlando Hernández, by participating,”You will set an example for this generation and for the coming one. In Honduras, sadly, for many years, everyone was locked in their houses in fear, and in some cases, they were not teaching physical education to their children.”

The President highlighted the efforts of the Government to restore peace and security, which helps to promote physical activity in the neighborhoods. President Hernández said his government seeks to change the attitude of all Hondurans through daily exercise, which means better health for the country.

The President also pointed out that Honduras Activate helps to promote the various tourist sites for families.  They can enjoy a day of sports and get to know more areas of Honduras.

Honduras Activate - LancetillaHonduras Activate in Previous Years

The four previous conferences were held in Amapala (Isla del Tigre); Gracias, Lempira; Cerro Azul Meámbar National Park, near Lake Yojoa; and last year’s event, held at La Tigra National Park, drew the participation of over 1,500 athletes.

So come on out! Turn your day into a great day!  Participate!  Do it for your health, peace of  mind, and your family!

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