Banks Closed Over Holiday, But Offer Special Windows

Executive Director the Honduran Association of Banking Institutions (Ahiba), María Lidia Soriano, confirmed that on Saturday, December 31st, national banks will respond to the public needs by operating special windows at shopping mall branches and supermarkets.

January 1st falls on a Sunday, therefore at the banks in Honduras, the doors will remain closed. On January 2nd, however, the institutions will offer nonstop service through so-called special windows. ATMs will also be in operation.

“There will be special windows open to try to give the public the service it deserves.” … “However, international transactions will not be available, because our most important trading partner, the United States, made the decision that it will be closed”, said Soriano.

There will be no service at the banks on December 31st, because they will be working closing books for the year, the Director explained.

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