Honduras Accepting Bids for Port Development

A Terminal de Graneles Sólidos (TGS), or “bulk solids cargo” area is being developed in Puerto Cortez, and the Honduran government is soliciting the participation of interested businesses, both domestic and foreign.

Often times, businesses have endured unnecessary delays in receiving their shipments through this port, due to the priorities for the loading and unloading of perishable cargo. A solution was approved last December, as part of a plan to expand and modernize this important resource in Puerto Cortez, by creating a specific terminal for bulk cargo.

Port in Puerto CortezCompanies interested in bidding on the contract for the equipment, operation and maintenance of the project, are to provide letters of interest, indicating their qualifcations to perform the operations of the port facilities, and specifying the general data of the company, including an email address where letters and notifications should be sent. All documents must be received by October 2, 2012.

Trustees responsible for the structuring, development and promotion of the bulk cargo Puerto Cortes Terminal project for a period of 30 years include the National Port Company (ENP), COALIANZA, and Banco Átlantida.

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