Honduras Congress Approves an Expiration Date for National Identity Cards

Tegucigalpa, Honduras — The National Congress of Honduras approved on Wednesday a decree which was introduced to the House of Assembly by Gabriela Núñez (Liberal Party) and ruled on by the Electoral Affairs Committee, to extend the term of the current identity card until January 2018.

Honduras National Identity Card

Honduras National Identity Cards will expire in January of 2018

The Decree details that the first identity card will have no cost for citizens and that the Ministry of Finance must identify the resources needed for national registry of persons (RNP) in order to replace all of the current Honduras National Identity cards upon their expiration.

It also establishes an international offer for request for proposal to provide the new cards in accordance with the law of purchases and contracts of the State.

According to Nunez, the new expiration date intends that the identity card will be replaced by better technical options that ensure the purification of the database of all records.

According to the Decree, the new document shall have a term of 10 years from January 27, 2018 and will be the exclusive property of the State of Honduras.

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