Honduras Could Benefit From Ecuador Troubles

Honduras should seize the opportunity this year to become the leading seller of bananas in Latin America, since Ecuador is facing production and transportation problems.

The challenge was brought by the producer, Arturo Castillo, after saying that Honduras exported in 2011, more than 25 million boxes, especially to the United States, earning approximately USD $400 million in foreign currency.

The figure represents the highest value in exports over the past 10 years, in a fruit which is the second most important category for the Honduran economy because of the foreign exchange generated, after coffee.

Castillo reported that Ecuador lost an important market in North Africa and the Middle East to social conflicts, additionally the European market has financial problems and the Panama Canal increased its price, making fruit more expensive.

“For Honduras a great opportunity to increase exports has presented itself, if we do not take advantage of this situation we will regret it,” said Castillo.

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