Honduras Donates to Haiti

Haiti has experienced yet another earthquake today of a 6.0 magnitude, making it even more difficult to distribute poorly needed aid to that country.

The Honduran government has donated to the Republic of Haiti two million lempiras to mitigate existing needs following the devastating earthquake that recently hit the nation. Funds will be channeled by the Honduran Red Cross.

The Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the shortage of available transport and operational difficulties to distribute the humanitarian aid in Haiti has made them suspend sending in more goods, and they will concentrate on economic assistance. Bank accounts have been opened by the Honduran Red Cross at Ficohsa Bank, Acct. No. 110240970, Atlantida Bank, Acct. No.1100022605, and HSBC Bank, Acct. No. 1081017745.

Tomorrow, January 21st, a cargo ship will be sailing from the port of La Ceiba for Puerto Principe, Haiti, which will house 20 containers of humanitarian goods already donated.

Rotary Clubs of Tocoa and La Ceiba have traveled to Haiti with a contingent of experts in search and rescue, with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance in the recovery of people underground.

Honduran firefighters are also doing rescue work in Haiti.

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