Honduras Hosting 14 International Events in San Pedro Sula

The Convention Bureau has 14 events that will be celebrated in the city of San Pedro Sula between April and September of this year, it is expected that more than five thousand people will arrive for these events and will generate considerable tourism and economic movement for Honduras.

The Director of the Bureau, Guillermo Orellana, said that this year has attracted some highly significant events. “Last year, despite the global crisis, San Pedro Sula benefited in terms of conferences. We developed more than 20 conferences and for this year we have already 14 in planning. For April 10, we are working with the support of USAID for the launch of the program ‘To Win’, and the 20th a keynote speech with international speaker Bon Harrison”.

The Iberoamerican Congress of Young Entrepreneurs, which will bring together over 1,500 people, will be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th of May. Also scheduled in May there’s a summit of missionaries and an Advanced Technology Congress.

Another one of the big events will be “One Nation” that will be held the 20th of July, but several activities will be develop the week prior. “Two thousand people will come, there are doctors and businessmen coming who will bring help as clothing, medicine and food to different parts of the country. The event will be aired in 282 cities worldwide, it will take place in stadiums all over the country. That day, which will be a Saturday, will be a national holiday, only at the Olympic stadium it is expected to gather over 70,000 people.”

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