Honduras Identity Caravans – Comayagua 2013

The next destination for the “Caravan of Identity in Honduras” will leave today for the colonial city of Comayagua.

The trip will be two days for those who want to spend Saturday night in Comayagua and just one day for those who would just like to travel and return the same day. Comayagua’s strategic location allows everyone to move from anywhere in the country and still arrive in time to participate in all the cultural, artistic and special events that Comayagua’s residents have prepared for us. In other words, participants can join the caravan for two days or simply attend the festivities on Sunday.

The Mayor of the city of Comayagua, Carlos Miranda, with the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Manuel Hernandez, and the president of the Chamber of Tourism, Tirso Zapata are preparing two interesting days full of cultural events and performances of different groups of their city and villages in their jurisdiction. Other members involved in the preparation of this event, are organizations such as Lions Club and the Cultural Committee of Comayagua. Read more about the Honduras Identity Caravan in Comayagua during 2013; includes complete schedule; where to join the Caravan and updates as well as about Honduras Identity Caravans an effot to help Hondurans Identify with their homeland spear headed by Tele Progreso the new Honduras National TV network with 14 affiliate stations throughout the country.

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