Honduras IHSS Medical Going Digital

The Honduran Institute of Social Security, (IHSS) is going digital. The modernization is at last taking place, easing frustrations for employers and employees, doctors, patients, and accountants alike.

Data entry will begin in March, with 600,000 affiliates’ medical information needing input. Authorities anticipate the database to be fully available in October or November; the capital city of Tegucigalpa will be the first to implement the new system. For additional database options click over here.

Gone will be the need for employers to request and dispense IHSS cards for employees; patients will be able make their appointments online; doctors will be able to access a patient’s medical history with a simple query.

The Director of the IHSS, Mario Zelaya, ensured that, “the main objective is to achieve operational efficiency” … “through a comprehensive and multidimensional solution that will put the IHSS at the forefront of social security in Latin America”.

The official explained that “this project translates into real benefits”. Clinical records can be unified through a patient’s digital footprint, quickening the processing of appointments, streamlining various clinical processes, and overall increasing the quality of care. It will help control the services offered by the institution, such as the delivery of medicines.

Director Zelaya said that the public will, “now be able to make their appointment on the Internet.” The patient will know the date and time, so they are not going to have to get up early to go wait for hours to be seen, “They may present 10 or 15 minutes before,” he acknowledged.

Another key benefit for doctors, patients, and pharmacists is the electronic prescription feature. Pharmacies will access a patient’s prescription electronically; there will no longer be handwritten prescriptions, allowing better control over theft or misread medications or dosage instructions.

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