Honduras Incinerates $ 8 million dollars worth of Cocaine

Honduran anti-narcotics authorities burn cocaine

US DEA along with Honduras Anti Narcotic National Police accompanied by Forensic teams set 14.6 Kilos of Cocaine on fire.

The drug enforcement units along with forensic medicine officers incinerated 439 kilos of cocaine which had been impounded in the area of La Moskitia.

With a black market street value of $548 a kilo the estimated value of 8 million US dollars was torched by the authorities to prevent it’s further distribution.
The cocaine was confiscated Friday the 11th of May in an operation which left 2 dead and various injured. The US Drug Enforcement Agency along with Honduras National Police and armed forces participated in the operation.

The US DEA Agency has declared from Washington that it will continue to provide tactical support in Honduras to battle the continued influx of drugs being flown in to various clandestine airstrips located throughout the country. As well as air drops in the Honduran waters close to Roatan, Guanaja and Utila.

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