Honduras is Open for Business

The National Congress president, Juan Orlando Hernández was visibly moved as he spoke at the inauguration of the international forum “Honduras is Open for Business”. “Today begins a new Honduras,” he said. He went on to proclaim that never before in history has the country tapped its potential for large investments of capital from domestic and foreign investors in business, which will consequently bring the long awaited economic takeoff of Honduras.

The head of the Honduran legislature discussed the range of benefits of the laws recently passed by Congress. They promote employment and investment protection, the latter law approved by the full parliament after just two days in session. These laws were on the table as a preamble to the event itself, and President Porfirio Lobo Sosa worked to ensure investors a legal framework that offers guarantees of protection for their capital.

“This recently adopted law was a priority for both domestic and foreign investment, and represents the best interests of the State of Honduras to promote growth and investment development. The vision of development is thought out in the national plan and vision of the country. It was unanimously adopted, which reflects the determination of the parties to sustain this type of legislation,” said the deputy president.

Also, the Law on Public-Private Partnerships which provides for the promotion of major works that are carried out with funding from the private sector. For example, projects such as harnessing the potential of rivers, wind, and ocean currents to generate clean energy. Clearly, that’s the route we want to take while financing the construction of roads and ports to attract investment,” said Hernández.

He further emphasized the constitutional reform enacted to create special development areas for model cities. In these model cities, special rules are set which are different from the rest of the country in terms of investment, labor and law, with their own bodies that can address these areas, and if possible, make international treaties for other countries to monitor trade relations in Honduras.

“Our aspiration is to grow all these major investments and protect our youth and children by providing better educational levels. All laws passed by Congress are intended to attract investment to the country with broad participation by the private sector, on national and international levels to reduce the need for jobs, and poverty, by promoting corporate social responsibility,” the Congressional president said.

The event is taking place in the industrial capital of San Pedro Sula. Great business personalities such as Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, presidents and former presidents of several countries, and senior trade officials from nations such as the U.S.A. are in attendance. Asian bankers and businessmen are among the hundreds of entrepreneurs and global investors who have sent representatives from renowned corporations.

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