Honduras is Special Guest

Honduras will be the first Central American country invited as special guest to the 29th Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba.

The festival takes place from July 3-9 in the city of Santiago de Cuba with sub-venues in the provinces of Guantanamo and Granma. Some 300 activities will be held every day during the festival with guest artists from several Caribbean countries, especially Honduras.

Santiago de Cuba is known as the most Caribbean of all Cuban cities with a charming mix of cultures and traditions from around the world.

The director of the local Caribbean House, Orlando Verg, told ACN hat more than 40 stages will be set up in Santiago de Cuba for travelling street shows and concerts. He added that the Festival will include the workshop “The Caribbean that Unites Us, lectures, presentations and academic exchanges on inter-cultural relations between Cuba and Honduras.

Also announced are 32 venues for art exhibitions by Cuban and foreign artists, 23 Cuban groups, and several gala events. Honduras brings a delegation of some 240 artists joining groups from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Peru, the United States, Austria, England, Venezuela and France, among others.

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