Honduras joins ALBA officially

Honduras officially joined the Bolivarian Alternative for the People of our America (ALBA) yesterday in the midst of speeches against the government system of the United States, pronounced by the presidents who form this mechanism lead by the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

The presidents Spike little about the reaches of this agreement, since they where mostly focused in criticizing the government of the United States, whom they blame for the sub-development the Latin-American countries live in.

The agreement document was signed in a public act at the presidential palace, where militants of the popular sectors, public employees, students and members of the government party assisted. The contents of the document are unknown to the press and the attendants since they not read during the ceremony.

The document was signed by President Manuel Zelaya and Hugo Chavez and had as honor witness the presidents of Bolivia, Evo Morales, Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega and the vice-president of Cuba, Carlos Lage.

President Zelaya praised the kindness of the Alba and he even cataloged it as the hope and heart of the people of Latin America.

Without giving much details, he informed that this initiative will allow for the National Bank of Agriculture Development (Banadesa) to capitalize, this will help benefit the productive sectors of the country thru loans, as well as the donation of 100 tractors from Venezuela for the small producers and the access to 100 million dollar bonds to the informal sector of the economy.

As part of the other components he also cited the approval for the donation of seeds and fertilizers projects to farmers, the eradication of the illiteracy in only 14 months, the adoption of a power saving program and food aid, and the extension of the medical cooperation program on behalf of the government.

Zelaya said that the difference between the Alba and the TLC (Free Trade Agreement) is that the first one is an act of solidarity towards the poor, and the second is for the benefit of businesses.

Zelaya attacked the media because of the campaign of miss-information in what the Alba is concerned, he also attacked the conservatives and businesses that to his judgment accumulate riches and do not distribute it to the people.

In that sense he called the private sector to a national dialog so that they do not continue to investing only in the candidate who will favor their interests in the next elections, but to invest in the interest that favor Honduras the best.

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